Soneva Luxury Resort to Open on Uninhabited Island in Okinawa in 2029

gushikawa island luxury resort Okinawa

Hey guys! It’s Kenny from Japan.

I would like to introduce a resort development planned for the world’s wealthy on Gushigawa Island in Okinawa Prefecture.

Location of New Luxury Beach Resort in Okinawa, Japan

The location of the luxury resort to be built on a deserted island is about 90 km from Naha Airport in Okinawa.

Presumably, when the new resort opens, transportation will be provided by high-speed boats and seaplanes, similar to the transportation from the airport in the Maldives to the various resort islands.

The size of Gushigawa Island is such that even the longest part of the island is 1,8 km long, so a general airport will not be built.

A means of transportation like the one in the Maldives would be more enjoyable for an extraordinary vacation.

There are no water cottages in Japanese beach resorts

As of January 2023, as far as I know, there are no authentic water cottages in beach resorts in Japan.

It will be completed in 2029, but even before then there will be no beach resorts with luxury water cottages.

If you want to spend a gorgeous vacation on a beautiful beach in Japan, the water cottages that will open on Gushigawa Island are the best choice.


Overview of the facilities at the luxury resort on Gushigawa Island

It is expected to open in 2029, with 23 cottages on the water and 106 low-rise guest rooms in the sandy beach area.

The developer is the Soneva Group, which operates several luxury resort facilities in Thailand and the Maldives.

Location Moromi Izena Village Shimajiri-gun Okinawa
Opening date 2029
Accommodations 23 water villas, 106 low-rise guest rooms


When luxury water cottages open, Okinawa will be the focus of international attention

Okinawa’s ocean is one of the best in the world in terms of water quality, but it is not well known worldwide.

If a luxury resort with waterfront cottages opens on Gushigawa Island, wealthy people from all over the world will come to enjoy their vacations.

Low-rise guest rooms in the sandy beach area are expected to be more reasonably priced than water cottages, so even non-wealthy people should be able to enjoy a trip to Okinawa.

Since the Okinawan sea is very popular among Japanese, many couples will visit the water cottages on Gushigawa Island for their honeymoon trips.

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